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Diversifying our Understanding of Diversification

A University of Calgary research team led by Dr. George Shimizu has developed a new material that could increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of capturing carbon emissions. With support from Calgary Innovates, this breakthrough is moving toward commercialization. During the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill clean-up, tactics included deploying tiny microbes that eat oil. With …

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Do Election Results Support “Unite the Right”?

The motivation to “unite the right” is driven by the perfectly understandable desire by conservatives to limit the NDP to one term. But let’s look at the assumption that uniting the parties would turf the NDP. It is true that if you simply add together the Wildrose (24%) and PC votes (28%) in 2015, the …

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Mayor Coderre is Measuring the Wrong Risks

There are three reasons that Denis Coderre and the Montreal region mayors are flat-out wrong about the Energy East pipeline. The mayors claim the economic benefits are outweighed by the potential risks to their municipalities. Which risks are they measuring? Risk #1: Montreal gets its oil from stable countries like … Iraq. Quebec heats its …

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